Native American Tribal Tattoos: Meanings and Designs

Native American Tribal Tattoos: Meanings and Designs

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Native American Tribal Tattoos For Women

Tattoos can be used to gain attention in crowd, these tattoos looks the best when placed properly on a wonderful and beautiful body. There are many different styles of Native American tribal tattoos and these were different among all of the Native American tribes. Not even all of the tribes were tattooed but there were many that were. These Native American tribal tattoos were most common for the Native American men and in some tribes only the Native warriors would have tattoos, or sometimes other important figures among the tribes, such as the shaman or the chief.

Many of these Native American tribal tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they are still popular among many of the Native American preservationists who want to keep their long and important history alive forever. Some of these ancient tribal tattoos were just crude symbols that had special meanings to the natives, whether they were spiritual in nature or if they were a symbol of a great hunt or war that the Native American male endured.

Native American Tribal Tattoos

The Meanings of Tribal Native American Tattoos

Many of the tribes had a particular bird or animal that they deified and revered as well as prayed to. For a number of tribes the animal n question was a fox, eagle or wolf. The people who belonged to these tribes as well as their descendants normally showed off tribal Native American tattoos entailing these creatures and were loyal to them. Other kinds of tribal tattoos were big interlinked patterns whose appearance was symmetrical and ostensibly endless and others carried the protection powers that people who were unwell needed to get healed.

The Native American tribal tattoos were done by cutting one’s skin using rocks and bones and subsequently some sort of colored dye would be applied onto the wound. A number of tribes used particular plants and soot in some instance to make sure the tattoo got more color. You could have seen the face of a particular person covered in tribal Native American tattoos and this was only applicable for the people who purportedly carried many mystical and magical powers.

Common Designs and Symbols

The meanings of most tattoos were unique to their specific tribes, and the same symbol could be taken to mean many different things between different tribes. It all depended on the beliefs within a certain tribe, and how their Shaman interpreted various omens and signs. In today’s world, the designs of dream catchers, feathers, totem poles, and even the faces of a native American are widely popular choices. Most people who get these tattoos though, are merely paying homage to their ancestral heritage.

Some that you come across may not even mean anything in particular. They are simply used for attractive decorative purposes because they look nice. To ascertain the exact cause of a certain design is fairly difficult, as it depends on the views and the beliefs of the tribe that it was used in. As mentioned before, the same symbol could have different meanings in different tribes.


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