Chance to Win Unique Tribal Tattoo Stainless-Steel Rings

Guys – here’s a chance to win one of these unique tribal tattoo-inspired stainless-steel rings. Not available in stores, Novell’s TATU rings are perfect for every day wear. Available in sizes 7 through 14 (and in half sizes), you won’t get a chance to win rings like these anywhere else. Winner can pick from one of five featured styles. There will be five winners total. Must be over the age of 19, and a US citizen. No purchase necessary. Suggested retail price for each design is $69.99.

How do you win?

All you have to do is earn points by following our simple social media sharing list featured below. The more sharing options you complete – the more points you earn. The top participant with the most points wins. Remember to like and share as much as possible!

Enter today. Our Unique Tribal Tattoo Ring Giveaway ends Wednesday, June 27, 2018. See official contest rules below for more information.

Please note: If you have won a contest by Custom Shop or any other Novell Group divisions (Robert Manse Designs, Novell Design Studio, Lieberfarb or Wright and Lato) in the past 90 days, you are ineligible to win.

Contest by Rewards Fuel.

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Choose from one of these TATU stainless-steel rings:

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Tribal tattoos of Africa – Around the World Consultancy

Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. These permanent designs—sometimes plain, sometimes elaborate, always personal—have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment. The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian “tatu” which means “to mark something.  One of the most striking ones you will encounter is an African tribal tattoo. Tattoos have a sacred place in African tribal culture, and its connotations run deeper than pure aesthetics. What makes these tattoos unique to the African culture is the process of scarification.

In ancient history, tattooing wasn’t exactly what we would call mainstream. This led to people engaging in scarification, a process that is not for the faint-hearted. During scarification, one incises the skin with a sharp instrument such as a knife, glass, stone, or coconut shell. Sections of skin are then sliced into shapes and patterns so that as the skin heals the shape, or the pattern would remain forever. For the extremely brave ones out there, there is also cicatrisation, a special form of scarification where a gash is made in the skin with a sharp instrument, and irritation of the skin caused by applying caustic plant juices forms permanent blisters. As if that doesn’t sound hardcore enough, dark pigments such as ground charcoal are rubbed into the wound for emphasis. These cuts, when healed, form raised scars known as keloids. The most complicated cicatrisation was probably found in the Congo Basin and its neighbouring regions, and among the Akan people of West Africa. Scarification is a long and painful process, and a permanent modification of the body, thereby transmitting complex messages about identity and social status.

Permanent body markings emphasize social, political, and religious roles. Beautiful and complex designs aren’t just about the artist showing his skills but also how tolerant is a person to pain. Facial scarification in West Africa was used for identification of ethnic groups, families, individuals but also to express beauty; scars were thought to beautify the body. It was also performed on girls to mark different stages of life: puberty, marriage, etc. These marks were supposed to make women more attractive to men. They were regarded as appealing to both touch and look at, and as a testimony that women could withstand the pain of childbirth. Princesses across the land used to sport amazingly beautiful and intricate marks. The sculpted face of Queen Idia of Benin Kingdom showcases two marks on her forehead. Amongst the Karo people of Ethiopia, men scar their chests to represent killing enemies from other tribes; women who scar their torsos and chests are considered particularly sensual and attractive. Today, the art of scarification is changing in Africa, and can mostly be spotted on elders.

In the past, Africans would have scarification marks that would not only distinguish them from everyone, but also reveal their rank in the society, family, clan, and tribe. Furthermore, it symbolized their beauty or strength. One look at the African sculptures in the museums around the world, it’s clear that this was a major aesthetic and cultural component. They denote both beauty and lineage, and in some cases, they are believed to provide protection against evil spirits. Given the superstitious nature of many indigenous people from this area, these practices were drawn and provided to create a protective barrier against various forms of evil and harm that may be presented to a person throughout their life.

While the humble tattoo has undergone a serious makeover over the years, their cultural significance is always evolving, making it a part of several cultures and subcultures. So, if you’re looking at getting inked, make sure you do your homework. Because unlike the little decisions we make every day, the aftermath of getting a tattoo is something you’ll have to deal with for life!

50 Amazing Tribal Tattoos Designs For Men and Women

One of the most commonly tattoos on men and women are tribal tattoos. The tribal tattoos designs not only signify the age old traditional beliefs but also carry deeper meanings. Those who have these tattoos generally have them because of the meaning these tribal symbols carry. These tattoos are not necessarily done by those who have a tribal ancestry but are quite commonly inked by those with no tribal ancestry as well. Some men and women, however, only get these tattoos done because of the visual appeal they give away instead of their meanings. There are certain tribal symbols which are often and commonly seen in these tattoos. Let us go through some of them and look through the tribal tattoos meaning and their significance.

Tribal Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Tattoo artists often get requests of inking a tribal design and most of them would agree that creating perfect tribal tattoo design is one of the most difficult tasks. Here are some of the tattoo symbols that carry deeper meanings and are often seen in tribal tattoos.


Eagle is an element that is included in tattoo designs to signify the attributes of strength and courage. Many choose to include an eagle in their tribal tattoo design after having successfully lived off a particular difficult time in their lives.


Lion is a symbol that is used by many and has meanings that are many. But the lion tribal tattoos meaning becomes pride and vigor.


Dragons are a legendary symbol, tattoos of which have become as old as time itself. The meaning of a dragon tribal tattoos design differs with men and women. On a woman’s body, a dragon signifies the concept of creation, while on a man’s body a dragon tribal tattoo signifies natural power and strength.

Bear claw

In a tribal tattoo you may either have an entire tattoo of a bear claw or it may be a part of an intricate tattoo. Most of the times a bear claw tattoo carries some deeper, personal meaning for the wearer. A bear claw tribal tattoo signifies the wearer’s deeper connection with his surrounding environment and the natural world.


The symbol of shark is typically a popular Polynesian tribal element that is often seen included in tribal tattoos. In the ancient times having a shark or shark’s teeth tattooed on their bodies gave the wearer a sense of protection from the evil spirits. Sharks otherwise are also used to signify the attribute of power along with protection.


Phoenix is probably the most intriguing mythical creature that is often seen in tribal tattoos. This mythical creature, as professed, has built its own funeral pyre, only to rise again from its own ashes. Hence, phoenix is a symbol that men and women get tattooed to signify rebirth and rejuvenation.

Many such symbols are used as tribal tattoos designs, which are not only used for their visual appeal but for the deeper meanings that each of them carry. Amassed here are 50 amazing tribal tattoos for both men and women.

1. Polynesian Styled Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Image Credit:

2. Elegant Tribal Tattoo on Arm and Ribs

Image Credit:

3. Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo on Back

Image Credit:

4. Elegant Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: fulltattoo

5. Cool Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

6. Maori Style Arm Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

7. Skull Tribal Tattoo for Women

Image Credit:

8. Amazing Whale Tribal Tattoo on Leg

Image Credit:

9. Amazing Sun Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

10. Cool Tribal Tattoo on Side

Image Credit:

11. Elegant Full Back Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

12. Magnificent Lion Tribal Tattoo on Arm

Image Credit: ssdj

13. Intricate Polynesian Styled Shoulder Tribal Tattoo

Image Credit: cuded

14. Cool Celtic Cross Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

15. Tribal Men with Tribal Tattoos Designed Around Their Individual Lives

Image Credit: bbcimg

16. Abstract Skull Tribal Tattoo on Arm

Image Credit: crazytattooideas

17. Amazing Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

18. Cool Celtic Cross Arm Tribal Tattoo on Back

Image Credit:

19. Dwayne Johnson’s Maori Styled Tribal Tattoo

Image Credit: tattoostime

20. Half Sleeve Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: fulltattoo

21. Eagle Tribal Tattoo on Back

Image Credit: deviantart

22. Tribal Eagle Tattoo on Arm

Image Credit:

23. Chest & Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: omegaseye

24. Intricate Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: omegaseye

25. Full Sleeve Tribal Tattoo for Women

Image Credit: tattooeasily

26. Complex 3D Tribal Chest Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: shockmansion

27. Intricate Tribal Chest Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: zkrafts

28. Tribal Lion Tattoo on Arm

Image Credit: wenshen520

29. Polynesian Arm Tribal Tattoo

Image Credit: tattoodo

30. Cool Dragon Tribal Tattoo on Back

Image Credit: fairtattoo

31. Flying Dragon Chest Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: findyourtattoo

32. Beautiful Butterfly Tribal Tattoo on Leg

Image Credit: deviantart

33. Custom Fire Flames Tribal Arm Tattoo

Image Credit:

34. Tribal Arm & Back Tattoo Design for Men

Image Credit:

35. Elegant Sun Chest & Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

36. Shoulder Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

37. Half Sleeve Tribal Tiger Tattoo

Image Credit: srbiucrnojgori

38. Aztec Sun Tribal Tattoo

Image Credit: tattoostime

39. Tribal Arm Tattoo for Women

Image Credit:

40. Arm and Back Tribal Tattoos for Men

Image Credit: menstattooideas4u

41. Amazing Lion Arm Tribal Tattoo

Image Credit:

42. Intricate Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Image Credit:

43. Intricate Tribal Floral Neck Tattoo for Women

Image Credit: blogspot

44. Cool Tribal Hand Tattoo in Red & Black

Image Credit:

45. Chest Eagle Tribal Tattoo for Men

Image Credit:

46. Black Sleeve Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Image Credit:

47. Intricate Dragon and Wolf Tribal Tattoos

Image Credit: tattoobite

48. Elegant Tribal Eagle Tattoo on Arm

Image Credit:

49. Cool Tribal Dragon Tattoo on Back

Image Credit: berlinroots

50. Cool Tribal Tiger Tattoo for Men

Image Credit: adisowy

Η εντυπωσιακή εμφάνιση της Μαρίνας Πατούλη: Η διαφανής τουαλέτα και το tribal tattoo

 ΤαβλέμματαέκλεψεησύζυγοςτουΔημάρχουΑμαρουσίουΜαρίναΠατούληστηγιορτήπουδιοργανώθηκεστοΟΑΚΑγιατηνκαθιέρωσητηςπόληςσεΠαγκόσμιοκέντροΤουρισμούΥγείας, ΆθλησηςκαιΕπιχειρηματικότητας. ΗΜαρίνα…

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Top 30 Mind Blowing Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men

The tattoo art had always been associated with the past and is believed to be one of the oldest forms of art. Tribal tattoo designs for men had gained popularity from past few years. Even the celebrities are going with the trend rather than creating a new one. Tribal tattoos are just fantastic and awesome to look at. Tattooing your body parts makes your appearance bold and you may feel confident. It enhances your overall personality, if you choose the right tattoo. So, let us learn about tribal tattoos.

Tribal Tattoos- Something Beyond Definition

The origin of tribal tattoo is very difficult to determine because they had been used on both men and women to decorate, enhance and modify their skin. Most of the tribal tattoos are the symbol of freedom and courage. The tribal tattoos may be used to express religious symbols, magic, spirits, and many other beliefs. The design of these tribal tattoos is generally based on shapes and patterns of different plants and animals. These tribal tattoos are engraved on ankle or arm or at the back or neck. The technology had made it easier to apply different tattoos over the skin again and again. People can use temporary tattoos and change it after the month or so according to their needs. These tribal tattoos are motivating youth and the youth is getting attracted towards it.

Tribal Tattoos History- The Hidden Truth

The Polynesian people were the first people recorded to have written something about tribal tattoo design. The male tribes used dark tattoos engraved on their thighs and chest and the women tribe engraved tattoos on neck and arm. The African tribes started the culture of wildlife and nature tattoos and warriors started to engrave them on their body. Egyptians started to engrave the religious tattoos on their body parts and believed that it gave them strength and power.

It is also believed that this art originated from tribes of New Zealand and Brazil. But the history behind tattoos is still undefined. The exact place of origination of these tribal tattoos had not been known. The tribal tattoos also had association with magic in past and especially the black magic. Earlier these tattoos were engraved on body parts by using bronze needles. The pattern was first drawn on the skin by needle and then the ink was rubbed over it. It gave immense pain in past to engrave the tattoos. Some people even believe that the ink of these tattoos was made by mixing breast milk and soot together. There are many facts related to the history of tribal tattoos, but these facts are enough for you to know.

Traditional Meanings of Tribal Tattoo

These tribal tattoos were etched on the body due to old beliefs traditionally. Most of the tribes believed that these tattoos give them strength and power to fight the evil. Even some believed that these tattoos will safeguard them from miss-happenings. Every tribal Tattoo design has different meanings. The symbol of eagle denotes black magic, while the symbol of God denotes religion. Dragon design denoted the courage and power and was etched on body parts of kings and the force. These were some traditional meanings.

Modern Meaning of Tribal tattoos

Now, let us talk about the modern meanings of these tribal tattoos. These tribal tattoos are just the perfect designs to the modern world. This make them look like stud. People usually etch these tattoos on their body parts because they feel that they will look more powerful and cool. These tribal tattoos even match with the personality of most of the people.

You can also check this one: Best 50 Pretty Small Tattoo Designs For Girls

So if you are crazy about the tattoos, then you should give a try to the tribal tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men

60 Tribal Tattoos for Women in Vogue 2016

60 Tribal Tattoos for Women in Vogue 2016

Tribal Tattoos for Women

With every passing day more and more women are getting addicted towards tattoos and that for the tribal designs. Very commonly we can find ladies with lovely tattoos on their body. Some look for sober designs, some want crazy ones and many also look for sporty designs. But in recent time ladies also love Tribal Tattoos. Thanks to the women of celebrity world as they are the one who gave a boost to the demand of tribal designs in the market. They are getting their body tattooed in different parts with awesome tribal designs and creating hype among their fans.

We decide to share with you all a great collection of 60 Tribal Tattoos for Women in Vogue 2016. The designs are perfect for women who want to look different and stand apart from the rest people in crowd. There are many styles in tribal tattoo category. Pick the one which suits you best. Tribal designs signify heritage and faith of family. Fashion keeps changing and so is the pattern of tribal tattoo designs. The patterns of tribal designs will take you on a journey to the era when the concept first evolved. Imprint the best tattoo design on your body this season.

60 Tribal Tattoos for Women in Vogue 2016

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Native American Tribal Tattoos: Meanings and Designs

Native American Tribal Tattoos: Meanings and Designs

If you want to use Native American Tribal Tattoos Designs for your body, you can use our collection below here.

Native American Tribal Tattoos For Women

Tattoos can be used to gain attention in crowd, these tattoos looks the best when placed properly on a wonderful and beautiful body. There are many different styles of Native American tribal tattoos and these were different among all of the Native American tribes. Not even all of the tribes were tattooed but there were many that were. These Native American tribal tattoos were most common for the Native American men and in some tribes only the Native warriors would have tattoos, or sometimes other important figures among the tribes, such as the shaman or the chief.

Many of these Native American tribal tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they are still popular among many of the Native American preservationists who want to keep their long and important history alive forever. Some of these ancient tribal tattoos were just crude symbols that had special meanings to the natives, whether they were spiritual in nature or if they were a symbol of a great hunt or war that the Native American male endured.

Native American Tribal Tattoos

The Meanings of Tribal Native American Tattoos

Many of the tribes had a particular bird or animal that they deified and revered as well as prayed to. For a number of tribes the animal n question was a fox, eagle or wolf. The people who belonged to these tribes as well as their descendants normally showed off tribal Native American tattoos entailing these creatures and were loyal to them. Other kinds of tribal tattoos were big interlinked patterns whose appearance was symmetrical and ostensibly endless and others carried the protection powers that people who were unwell needed to get healed.

The Native American tribal tattoos were done by cutting one’s skin using rocks and bones and subsequently some sort of colored dye would be applied onto the wound. A number of tribes used particular plants and soot in some instance to make sure the tattoo got more color. You could have seen the face of a particular person covered in tribal Native American tattoos and this was only applicable for the people who purportedly carried many mystical and magical powers.

Common Designs and Symbols

The meanings of most tattoos were unique to their specific tribes, and the same symbol could be taken to mean many different things between different tribes. It all depended on the beliefs within a certain tribe, and how their Shaman interpreted various omens and signs. In today’s world, the designs of dream catchers, feathers, totem poles, and even the faces of a native American are widely popular choices. Most people who get these tattoos though, are merely paying homage to their ancestral heritage.

Some that you come across may not even mean anything in particular. They are simply used for attractive decorative purposes because they look nice. To ascertain the exact cause of a certain design is fairly difficult, as it depends on the views and the beliefs of the tribe that it was used in. As mentioned before, the same symbol could have different meanings in different tribes.